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Discover the hidden blessings within the process of disintegration. Join us on a journey of exploration through shared stories and insightful conversations. We delve into the framework of positive disintegration, shedding light on intense experiences that can often resemble mental health struggles but are, in fact, the building blocks of crafting an authentic personality.

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Episode 50, Giftedness and Personality with Deborah Ruf

Episode 48: Piechowski’s Insights on Positive Disintegration with Michael M. Piechowski

Episode 39: Disintegration and Neurodivergence with Joey Lawrence

Episode 35: Dąbrowski’s Theory in Practice with Patty Gatto-Walden

Episode 30, Celebrating Neurodiversity, Overexcitabilities, and Giftedness with Katy Higgins Lee

Episode 25: Experiences Being Profoundly Gifted, Part 1 with Nth Bar-Fields and Joi Lin

Episode 17: The Highs and Lows of Positive Disintegration with Elizabeth Mika

Episode 8: Surviving Disintegration

Episode 6: Autopsychotherapy and Self-Leadership with Kate Arms

Episode 2: Overexcitabilities and Pseudoscience

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Join us in exploring the transformative power of positive disintegration.

From our podcast listeners and subscribers:

"As an avid podcast listener, I’m always on the lookout for podcasts with a great format that discuss theories I’m interested in (and TPD has always been on the top of the list). The structure of this podcast is absolutely thought-provoking while bringing unique and tangible insights out of its guests. As a gifted education professional myself, I love hearing thoughtful people discuss what inspires their work. The hosts are relatable and honest with balanced approaches to controversial information. They are extremely hard workers bringing an astounding mix of humility and confidence to everything they do. Thank you for providing an online hub where fans of Dabrowski can geek out!" Apple Podcasts review

“No doubt like many others I stumbled across your work on Dabrowski and it was like finding a beacon in a very dark forest. I am so grateful. The podcast has provided me with numerous opportunities for learning about myself by resonating with other’s experiences and stories. Life changing stuff!” Ian, podcast listener and donor

"I’m deep into podcasts extending over the last decade and a half (at least). The Positive Disintegration podcast is the first for which I’ve ever left a rating after the very first listen. It’s that on-point vis-à-vis the world of gifted, twice-exceptional, multipotentialite, and other neurodivergent beings. That is, folks who may often feel they are neither round nor square pegs, but rather multi-sided polygons that can morph and be malleable over time and environments. I came here to further explore and grow my understanding of Dabrowski’s Positive Disintegration theory. I certainly have found a path to this and much more in pleasantly unexpected ways… It may just lift your spirits to know that there are others who have similar experiences and who see and hear you. And who have found ways to thrive." Apple Podcasts review

"The Theory of Positive Disintegration is discussed and made understandable through each and every podcast segment with Emma, Chris and their guests. Each guest, as well as both Emma and Chris, have life stories that are relatable, and that support, inform and validate. Whether you or a family member is gifted, experiencing overexcitabilities, or moving through a positive disintegration, you will find this podcast highly enlightening." Apple Podcasts review

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Positive Disintegration Podcast co-host and Dabrowski Center president. Writer, speaker, and advocate for giftedness, neurodivergence, and mental health awareness.
Cohost and editor of the Positive Disintegration podcast, and VP of the Dabrowski Center. Blogger and YouTuber on overexcitabilities.